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What to do around Narita Airport | Visit Chiba Guide

Wakamatsu Honten | A classic hotel in Narita’s historical district

Katsuura City: The Best of Chiba’s Coastal Culture in One Place

edén | Relax and dine in a local slice of paradise

NIPPONIA Sawara Merchant Town Hotel : Make Old Town Sawara your Home for a Trip

Cruising through Choshi on the Choshi Electric Railway

Enjoy Seafood in Choshi – Fresh from Chiba’s Top Port!

Chiba City | Explore the local gems of urban Chiba

Makuhari “New City” Local Guide

Tateyama Trip | Two days in Chiba’s coastal getaway

THE SHINRA|A premium resort where you can savor true local flavor

KURKKU FIELDS | A Vanguard of Sustainable Living

Oyama Senmaida: A Timeless Landscape

The Farm | Stay, Eat, and Play in Chiba’s great outdoors

Keisei Rose Garden | A Bountiful Bloom of Beauty

Matsudo City: Sample Day Trip Itinerary

Ohyakusho Ichiba | The Best Fruit Shop in Chiba

Chikura Orange Center | Orange-Picking Adventure in the Hills of Chiba

Kururi Sake Museum | Chiba’s small but stylish sake tasting room

Urayasu City Folk Museum | A hidden historical gem

Away from it all, and closer to the sun: Inubosaki Hotel

Country Farm Tokyo German Village: a park with fun-filled exploration for all ages

Rest, relax, and rejuvenate near Narita Airport

Japan Airlines Agriport | Narita farming and food

Kujukuri Herb Garden | Good food and leisure in Chiba’s coolest herb garden

Tenzen | Hidden Forest Estate of Gourmet Delights

Country Farm Ponpoko Village: Come pick and eat organic veggies

Food Adventures and Gourmet Delights in Chiba

Umakuta no Sato | Roadside Station with a feast of local treats

Find a cafe along your way: Four recommended local cafes in Chiba

Sakura Mushroom Farm | Mushroom harvesting and barbecue

Iinuma Honke and Café

Iinuma Honke | An Immersive Sake Experience near Narita Airport

Nabedana Sake: Narita Shop & Kozaki Brewery

Biwa Club

Biwa Club: Roadside Respite

A lively seafood extravaganza at Iki-iki-Tei

Gyotakusou Suzukiya | Seafood Lover’s Paradise

Japan Winter Wonders in Chiba

A tour of Chiba’s gourmet specialties

Chiba’s good points, all wrapped up

Kosui-tei “Sagawa” at Lake Kameyama, a feast for both the eyes and appetite

Nagareyama Honcho, classic charm and modern enjoyment

Heguri Hub: Discover the Chiba Countryside

Narita Dream Farm | A fun day on the range

Mizushiro Orchard-Garden: fruit, farming, and a feast to top it off

Glamping in Japan: WILD BEACH is ready for you to let loose and relax

Maruhei Inn: A port-side inn to enjoy fish and fishing

A Taste of Chiba’s Delicious Fruits

Suehiro Noujou | The cuisine of the countryside, just off the main road

Cycling the Surf Coast of Ichinomiya, the first Olympic surfing venue in history

Explore the Local Side of Kanaya on Your Mt. Nokogiri Trip

Isumi City Food Tour

Chiba Cows Park | Spend a day on the range

Montpellier: Far from Flaky

Brown's Field

Brown’s Field: Fields of Hope

Kimono rental shop Hidetora

Explore Historic Narita

Authentic Japanese Guest House, Fukurou tei

Authentic Japanese Guest House, Fukurou tei

Sushi With a Special Twist

Hanamiyui: Sushi With a Special Twist

Misaki Soba Kobo (workshop) in Chiba

Making Soba Noodles at Misaki Soba Kobo


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