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What to do around Narita Airport | Visit Chiba Guide

Wakamatsu Honten | A classic hotel in Narita’s historical district

Katsuura City: The Best of Chiba’s Coastal Culture in One Place

edén | Relax and dine in a local slice of paradise

NIPPONIA Sawara Merchant Town Hotel : Make Old Town Sawara your Home for a Trip

Cruising through Choshi on the Choshi Electric Railway

Enjoy Seafood in Choshi – Fresh from Chiba’s Top Port!

Tateyama Trip | Two days in Chiba’s coastal getaway

THE SHINRA|A premium resort where you can savor true local flavor

Oyama Senmaida: A Timeless Landscape

Kamogawa Onsen Villa La Shoro

The Farm | Stay, Eat, and Play in Chiba’s great outdoors

Keisei Rose Garden | A Bountiful Bloom of Beauty

Matsudo City: Sample Day Trip Itinerary

Ohyakusho Ichiba | The Best Fruit Shop in Chiba

Chikura Orange Center | Orange-Picking Adventure in the Hills of Chiba

Kururi Sake Museum | Chiba’s small but stylish sake tasting room

Urayasu City Folk Museum | A hidden historical gem

Makuhari New City Local Guide

Chiba City | Explore the local gems of urban Chiba

Away from it all, and closer to the sun: Inubosaki Hotel

Country Farm Tokyo German Village: a park with fun-filled exploration for all ages

Rest, relax, and rejuvenate near Narita Airport

Japan Airlines Agriport | Narita farming and food

Kujukuri Herb Garden | Good food and leisure in Chiba’s coolest herb garden

Tenzen | Hidden Forest Estate of Gourmet Delights

Country Farm Ponpoko Village: Come pick and eat organic veggies

Food Adventures and Gourmet Delights in Chiba

Umakuta no Sato | Roadside Station with a feast of local treats

Find a cafe along your way: Four recommended local cafes in Chiba

Sakura Mushroom Farm | Mushroom harvesting and barbecue

Iinuma Honke and Café

Iinuma Honke and Café: For the Love of Sake

Nabedana Sake: Narita Shop & Kozaki Brewery

Biwa Club

Biwa Club: Roadside Respite

A lively seafood extravaganza at Iki-iki-Tei

Gyotakusou Suzukiya | Seafood Lover’s Paradise

Japan Winter Wonders in Chiba

A tour of Chiba’s gourmet specialties

Chiba’s good points, all wrapped up

Kosui-tei “Sagawa” at Lake Kameyama, a feast for both the eyes and appetite

Nagareyama Honcho, classic charm and modern enjoyment

Heguri Hub: Discover the Chiba Countryside

Narita Dream Farm | A fun day on the range

Mizushiro Orchard-Garden: fruit, farming, and a feast to top it off

Glamping in Japan: WILD BEACH is ready for you to let loose and relax

Maruhei Inn: A port-side inn to enjoy fish and fishing

A Taste of Chiba’s Delicious Fruits

Suehiro Noujou | The cuisine of the countryside, just off the main road

“Chiba-kun Bussankan” Souvenir Shop

Cycling the Surf Coast of Ichinomiya, the first Olympic surfing venue in history

Kanaya – The Gateway to Mt. Nokogiri

Isumi City Food Tour

Chiba Cows Park | Spend a day on the range

Montpellier: Far from Flaky

Brown's Field

Brown’s Field: Fields of Hope

Kimono rental shop Hidetora

Create unforgettable memories in Narita: Experience wearing kimono and try savory unagi!

Authentic Japanese Guest House, Fukurou tei

Authentic Japanese Guest House, Fukurou tei

Sushi With a Special Twist

Hanamiyui: Sushi With a Special Twist

Misaki Soba Kobo (workshop) in Chiba

Making Soba Noodles at Misaki Soba Kobo


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