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Away from it all, and closer to the sun: Inubosaki Hotel

Things to Do | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2023/06/06

Called the “Zekkei no Yado”, literally meaning “inn with an amazing view”, Inubosaki Hotel lives up to its name. Choshi is the easternmost city of Japan’s Kanto region, and this hotel stands right on the eastern edge of Choshi at Cape Inubosaki. This means that during certain times in winter, famously including on New Year’s Day, you can see the sunrise earlier here than anywhere else in Japan-except for mountaintops and remote islands. The expansive Pacific Ocean and lighthouse on the rocky point add to the exquisite view you’re treated to on a clear morning here. While watching the sunrise is an absolute must while staying here, the hotel isn’t propped up by this alone. A combination of a natural hot spring overlooking the ocean, the dinner course and breakfast buffet, as well as the cozy rooms which also face the ocean will make your stay on the eastern end of Chiba a memorable one.


The hotel is reached on the local Choshi Dentetsu Line, which starts from Choshi Station. While its age is apparent, it is also part of the appeal, as this train line has a long history serving the eastern coast of Choshi City and puts you in a calm mood as you head toward the rural coastline. Walk or taxi just a bit from Inubo Station to reach the hotel, and get ready to unwind with a bath, ocean views, and meals with Choshi’s famous seafood.

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The bath here has both an outdoor and indoor section, with the outside being all natural from a nearby hot spring. The outdoor bath overlooks the ocean, and is particularly relaxing on a clear night with stars in the sky and Inubosaki Lighthouse illuminated in the near distance. The bath is open late at night and early in the morning, giving you the chance to enjoy it with either the night sky or the sunrise. Alternatively, you can brave the winter morning to see the clear sunrise, and hurry back for a bath to warm up!


The rooms here all face the sea to the east, and let you see the same stunning view as you can either get in the outdoor bath, on the balcony outside the lobby, or on the roof of the hotel. In the colder seasons, you may want to stay in your room with the heater on while you enjoy the sunrise. However, both the roof and balcony are easily accessible, letting you bathe in the first sunlight as it creeps up over the horizon, so it’s worth enduring the chilly morning air. The interiors of the spacious rooms are quaint, offering either Japanese style tatami rooms where you will be using a futon, western style rooms with beds, or a combination of both.


No trip to Choshi would be complete without indulging in the fresh seafood. The dinners here at Inubosaki Hotel are multi-course meals, full of vegetables and seafood prepared in various ways. For the fish, enjoy a variety of sashimi to start, such as Choshi’s famous mackerel, or sunfish, tuna, and more. Afterwards, move into braised sea bream and noodle stews.

These are of course complemented with meat options, and local vegetables that have been grilled, pickled, and stewed.

It’s really an impressive spread, and gives you the full range of coastal cuisine here in Choshi. Moreover, Choshi has a famous variety of soy sauce that accents the already delicious seafood, so this is sure to be among your top Japanese hotel dining experiences.

The breakfast buffet the next morning is open for two hours, and is sure to delight as well. Everything you could want from seafood to breakfast meats, fruit, and other chef select dishes will let you start your day full of energy, ideally after enjoying the empowering sunrise as well.

A trip to Inubosaki has everything you’ll need to recharge your batteries. Removed from the city, and closer to the sun, you’ll love your time here in Chiba’s most eastern point!

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Inubosaki Hotel

Located on the easternmost point of the Kanto region, Inubosaki Hotel boasts one of the earliest sunrises in all of Japan (except for mountaintops and remote islands), and some amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy Choshi City's premium seafood with dinner and breakfast, and relax in the natural hot spring overlooking the sea.

9574-1 Inubohsaki, Choshi City

(From JR Choshi Station, take the Choshi Dentetsu Line to Inubo Station. The hotel is a 7-minute walk from there.)



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