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Visit Chiba | Latest update:2023/04/03

Chiba Prefecture—the home of Narita International Airport—is conveniently located next to Tokyo on a peninsula along Japan’s Pacific coast, making it an easily accessible destination full of countless hidden gems. Here you’ll find historic districts, charming countryside communities, seaside resorts, sandy beaches, and world-famous surf spots. Chiba also fosters a rich and sustainable food culture, thanks to a mild climate and unique geography which have helped it develop as a hub of agriculture and fishing.

We hope the information found on this website inspires travel companies and media organizations to give Chiba a look as an off-the-beaten-path destination found just one step removed from Japan’s “Golden Route.” We invite you to browse our free-to-use photo library, and reference the articles and pamphlets linked to below. From its bustling cityscapes to its serene shores, Chiba offers a variety of authentic Japan travel experiences right outside Tokyo!

Photo Library

Click above to access our free-to-use photo library. Follow a few easy steps to download photos taken from all around Chiba.

Video Collection

Click here to access our collection of videos filmed around Chiba. B-roll footage from a portion of this collection can be made available upon inquiry (contact information below).

Things to Do Articles

Click above to learn more about the destinations and experiences on offer in Chiba. As part of an effort to provide the most suitable information to overseas travelers, these articles were all written by foreign residents of Japan.


Click above to access our informational pamphlet library.


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