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What to do around Narita Airport | Visit Chiba Guide

Wakamatsu Honten | A classic hotel in Narita’s historical district


Hiyodori-zaka Slope and Old Samurai Residences: Walk in the Footsteps of Samurai

Mt. Nokogiri | A High-rising Spiritual Journey Through Japan’s History of Stonecraft

Katsuura City: The Best of Chiba’s Coastal Culture in One Place

Ichinomiya: The Surfing Town Selected as the Venue for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020!

Sawara: Riverside Timeslip

NIPPONIA Sawara Merchant Town Hotel : Make Old Town Sawara your Home for a Trip

Cruising through Choshi on the Choshi Electric Railway

Tateyama Trip | Two days in Chiba’s coastal getaway

Sawara Grand Festival

Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple: Convenient Serenity Near Narita Airport

Close in distance, but far back in time: A trip to Katori City

Katori Shrine: A living and beautiful piece of ancient Japan

Matsudo City: Sample Day Trip Itinerary

Urayasu City Folk Museum | A hidden historical gem

Chiba City | Explore the local gems of urban Chiba

Free Guided Tour – Neighborhood Walk in Chiba

Boso Adventure Tours

Mt. Nokogiri: Hiking Trail Guide

Kasamori-Kannon Temple: A one of a kind design, in a one of a kind place

Naritasan Museum of Calligraphy | Appreciate a subtle art

Tenzen | Hidden Forest Estate of Gourmet Delights

Suigo Sawara Float Museum

Japanese Gardens: Where Culture and Nature Come Together

Iinuma Honke and Café

Iinuma Honke and Café: For the Love of Sake

Nabedana Sake: Narita Shop & Kozaki Brewery

Tateyama Castle: A lasting symbol of defense, and a reminder of an exciting past

Shiroyama Park: A perfect slice of Chiba’s natural beauty and history

Myo-on-in Temple, a modest temple with much to teach

Experience the monk lifestyle at Seicho-ji Temple

Traditional Festivals in Chiba | Celebrate in more ways than one

Experiencing a festival like the locals

Centuries of Celebrations: The Yaegaki Shrine Gion Festival

Nakadai Seisakusho: Preserving Tradition Through Craftsmanship

Boso no Mura | Travel to a day in the life of Japan’s past

The forested Ninja Village of Minami Boso

Unique Photo Spots in Chiba

Sakura City: A hidden gem in central Chiba

Sakura City Museum of Art | A vanguard of art in the center of Chiba

National Museum of Japanese History: Take a trip through the far east, far back in time

Explore your interest in airplanes while in Narita

Classic architecture on an intimate scale

Architecture of all kinds in Chiba

Nagareyama Honcho, a subtle piece of history to Tokyo’s northeast

Nagareyama Honcho, classic charm and modern enjoyment

Ryutetsu Nagareyama Line: A trip to Japan’s past on a classic rail

Seasonal blooms at iconic “Flower Temples” in Chiba

Cycling the Surf Coast of Ichinomiya, the first Olympic surfing venue in history

Kamogawa Trip | Seaside Sights, Historic Temples & Terraced Rice Fields

Kanaya – The Gateway to Mt. Nokogiri

Lighthouses of Chiba

The Former Tokita House

The Former Tokita House: Slip into Yesteryear

Kimono rental shop Hidetora

Create unforgettable memories in Narita: Experience wearing kimono and try savory unagi!


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