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THE SHINRA|A premium resort where you can savor true local flavor

Things to Do | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2023/03/30

Guests at The Shinra resort can expect a stay in the height of luxury at a space uniquely influenced by the many wonders of southern Chiba. The Shinra is located in Tateyama City near the tip of the Boso Peninsula, an area known for its many natural blessings from both the land and sea. Built into a hillside overlooking the Pacific, each one of the guest rooms here offers a seaside view and is designed with the kind of privacy and elegance that creates a feeling as though you are in your own towering hideaway perched out over the stunning scenery below. Guests here are also treated to a premium gourmet experience, as meals prepared by the chef at the restaurant are skillfully crafted with the freshest local ingredients, and served in a style that is sure to impress even seasoned fine dining connoisseurs.

The view that awaits on the top floor lounge. Photo courtesy of The Shinra

The Shinra experience begins the moment you arrive, as the courteous resort staff is there to welcome you at the parking lot and direct you to the driverless cart that makes your trip up the hillside to the entrance as effortless as possible. For those visiting from abroad, rest assured that The Shinra also employs foreign staff who can assist you in English. After the short cart ride, you’ll take the elevator to the modern and stylish front desk and lounge area located on the top floor; a space that leaves an unforgettable first impression thanks to its 50-meter-high vantage point looking down on the seascape below, and on clear days a view of Mt. Fuji on the horizon.

Executive Suite terrace. Photo courtesy of The Shinra

Whether your desired high-end travel experience is a romantic couple’s getaway or a quiet respite tailored to discerning adults, The Shinra’s lineup of eight types of rooms―ranging from The Shinra Prestige’s suites to the Shinra Classic’s villas and “Ocean Panorama” rooms―have your needs covered. No matter your choice, you are guaranteed an ocean view, and an outdoor terrace and private outdoor hot spring bath are attached to each room.

The Shinra asks of your understanding that reservations can only be made for people thirteen years old or older. If you would like the option to book a stay with younger children, please visit the Hanashibuki Resort & Company website to learn about their other facilities in Tateyama:

The Visit Chiba staff relaxing in our Premium Suite.

For this article, the Visit Chiba staff got the privilege to spend a night in one of The Shinra’s Premium Suites. These stylish and modern rooms can be found in The Shinra Prestige tower, which was completed as part of the resort’s most recent renovation in 2019. Immediately capturing our eyes when we set foot in our suite were the windows which take up nearly the entirety of the two exterior walls. The clean lines and modest earth tones of the interior aesthetic blended in perfectly with the stunning scenery outside, making it seem like the whole of Tateyama was actually part of the room décor itself.

Enjoying our private bath.

All the outdoor terraces attached to the newer rooms were built raised above the interior floor, adding a sense of privacy and giving the room the feeling of a floating alcove in the sky. To savor the vista even more, you’re free at any time to step up onto the terrace and soak in the outdoor hot spring bath. The Tateyama area is known for its onsen hot spring resorts, and although The Shinra doesn’t have its own natural source, it does have spring water delivered from one of its sister hotels that does; ensuring that you get the full Tateyama onsen experience. You’ll also notice the resort keeps your comfort in mind with the amenities it provides, so you can rest just a little easier not having to worry you may have forgotten to bring something essential to your stay. Items like bathrobes, hot spring attire, and even traditional tabi socks are supplied in the closets, while the specially prepared boxes in the bathroom are stocked with an arrangement of high-quality toiletries and lotions.

The chef preparing a course on the 'teppanyaki' grill. Photo Courtesy of The Shinra
"The Dining 27.81" Photo Courtesy of The Shinra

Your stay is also highlighted by breakfast and dinner at the resort restaurant, which goes to great lengths to make use of southern Chiba’s culinary delights. “The Dining 27.81” serves only the freshest of locally caught seafood, as The Shinra is part of a hotel group that owns and operates its own fishing boats here in Tateyama, allowing fresh catches to be directly delivered here on a daily basis. The dinner we enjoyed at the restaurant included a chance to sample cream sauce made with local fish, escabeche made with local sea bass, sauteed abalone, Japanese spiny lobster, and a sashimi plate prepared with bigfin squid, sea bream and bonito. We were also treated to Fusehime beef, a local brand of beef from here in Minami-Boso and cooked by the chef on the restaurant’s open teppanyaki grill. Chiba’s mild climate and rich soil also make it one of the top agriculturally productive prefectures in Japan, meaning The Shinra has no shortage of options for the variety of fresh local fruits and vegetables they serve with their meals.

One of the highlights of our dinner: the sashimi chilled with dry ice.

Much more goes into the dining experience here than just the ingredients, as high attention to detail is also paid to the presentation of the food and the ambience of the space. The courses are served to you on an array of elegant dinnerware, including handcrafted dishes and bowls. Look up from your table and you’ll see couples lovingly glancing at each other while absorbed in the romantic atmosphere set by the tableside candles and the panoramic view of lights flickering around Tateyama Bay. Breakfast time lets you ease into your day with another round of Chiba-inspired cuisine, this time in a space brightened by the morning sunlight and the shining seas on the horizon.

Starting the day with a choice of a Japanese-style breakfast (left) or western-style (right).

Although you can easily spend your entire stay in just your room and the restaurant, the top floors of the resort provide yet more spaces to kick back in comfort. The large hot spring bath on the resort’s 7th floor claims the highest view of any daiyokujou in Chiba, and also affords you another opportunity to soak in the nutrient-rich Tateyama hot spring water. Head up to the 8th floor to the chic and modern lounge to take in another panoramic view while you sip the complimentary beer and coffee. For a late-night snack, enjoy the free Haagen-Dazs ice cream found in the cozy reading nook on the 7th floor.

The 7th floor 'daiyokujou' large hot spring bath. Photo Courtesy of The Shinra
7th floor reading nook. Photo Courtesy of The Shinra

To really capture the story of this resort, it’s not only necessary to consider the space itself, but also the bonds people form within it. Ms. Hasegawa, the resort’s executive manager, kindly shared with us some of her interactions with guests here. She fondly recalled how repeat visitors often comment about a deep sense of nostalgia that hits them when they enter the top floor and take in the soothing aromas that drift through the lounge. Other patrons are inspired by a stay here to create a once-in-a-lifetime memory, like the guest who asked Ms. Hasegawa and the staff to help him arrange a surprise marriage proposal. Hearing Ms. Hasegawa recount these memories, the true essence of the Shinra became clear as a space devoted to immersing its guests in a stunning setting, allowing them to create cherished moments with the people who mean the most to them.

Thanks to Ms. Hasegawa for the warmest of hospitality!

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THE SHINRA is a luxury resort tailored toward discerning adults who appreciate fine dining. All the rooms here offer a seaside view and a private outdoor hot spring bath, unveiling the many natural charms of the area. The premium gourmet experience includes the restaurant’s elegantly crafted meals that make use of local ingredients and the freshest possible fish catches.

284-1 Shiomi, Tateyama City

(15 minutes by taxi or shuttle bus from JR Tateyama Station. 25 minutes by car from the Tomiura Interchange on the Tateyama Expressway)


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