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Chiba Prefecture

Next to Tokyo & Home of Narita Airport

Visit Chiba is the official sightseeing, tourism and tourist attraction information website of Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Chiba is the home of Narita International Airport and is conveniently located next to Tokyo on a peninsula along Japan’s Pacific coast. Chiba's extensive train and highway bus networks allow visitors to access the rich nature, hidden gems, historic districts, local temples and shrines, seaside hot spring resorts, sandy beaches, and world-famous surf spots found here near Tokyo. Experience Japanese food culture and enjoy fresh seafood too, as Chiba’s mild climate and unique geography make it a hub of agriculture and fishing. We hope to see you soon!

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Chiba Prefecture, the home of Narita International Airport, is conveniently located right next to Tokyo. Chiba is mostly situated on the Boso Peninsula, and if you venture out beyond its bustling cityscapes, you’ll find yourself immersed in the stunning natural scenery of the Japanese countryside.

Fittingly, the prefecture’s name comprises the kanji characters meaning ‘thousand’ 千 and ‘leaf’ 葉, as the landscapes here are characterized by densely forested hills, charming rural communities, colorful flower fields, and idyllic cherry blossom viewing spots. Being surrounded by the sea on three sides–Tokyo Bay to the west and the open Pacific Ocean to the south and east–Chiba is also home to a beautiful coastline ready for you to explore.

Chiba's extensive train and highway bus networks allow visitors to access its countless hidden gems: from sandy beaches, surf breaks, and seaside hot spring resorts, to terraced rice fields, local temples & shrines, and historic districts. Experience Japan’s culinary culture and enjoy fresh, locally-sourced food here too, as Chiba’s mild climate and unique geography have long made it a hub of agriculture and fishing.

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If you’re looking to add a little variety to your Tokyo trip itinerary, consider a stop right next door in Chiba! Here you’ll be able to escape the typical crowded tourist spots and spend time exploring a more authentic side of Japan.

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