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Narita to Tokyo: 3 ways to go

Travel Information | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2022/12/21

There are a few options for getting to Tokyo once you touch down in Narita Airport. Check our recommendations here, and decide what best fits your travel plans and style!

Take your time, explore the area.

There is a lot to see in the area around Narita, including some very historical spots and picturesque scenery. There’s no need to zip straight to Tokyo, so if you have some time, or need your Japan fill right away, it’s absolutely worth it to explore the area.

Just 7 minutes on the Keisei Line from the airport is Keisei Narita Station. Many come here for the old and beautiful Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple, located within the Monzenmachi historical district. Favorite activities for visitors are kimono rentals, and lunch at one of the many unagi (freshwater eel) restaurants.

You’ll also find coin lockers to store your luggage just outside Keisei Narita Station, although the lockers large enough to fit suitcases are limited. You can also try your luck across the street at JR Narita Station if you’re in search of a place to store large suitcases.

Another 15 minutes on the JR Narita Line will put you at Sakura Station, which is widely known as the home base of the Sakura Samurai Clan. You can see old Samurai houses, and well-preserved natural scenery in the area.

If you’re on your way to Tokyo after this, you can take the Sobu Line for about 1 hour from Sakura Station, or return to Narita Airport for the Keisei Skyliner express train which puts you at Ueno Station in just about 45 minutes.

See more ideas for sightseeing around Narita here:

A straight shot out of Narita

If you’re ready to zip into Tokyo proper, we have a recommendation for you! You’ll likely want to first get to the Yamanote Line, the main train line that circles around Tokyo. The Keisei Skyliner Train takes the top spot in both luxury and convenience, whisking you to either Nippori or Ueno station on the north edge of this line. The extraordinarily smooth ride also gives you a proper introduction of what’s to come. You’ll first see Chiba’s lush countryside, and it will slowly open up into the Tokyo metropolis, with the towering TOKYO SKYTREE tower greeting you on the way. Learn more here:

Another limited-express train option is the Narita Express. The ride on the “N-EX” offers a similar experience to the Keisei Skyliner, but will take you to Tokyo Station followed by Shinagawa Station. From Shingawa, service is also available to Ofuna (via Yokohama) or Shinjuku/Hachioji. Learn more here:

Too much stuff, tired.

Exploration of Narita is definitely worth it, but realistically, many of us have a ton of luggage, and would prefer to get to our first stay destination after a flight. If this sounds like you, then the Airport Bus might be the most sensible option. You can take a large highway bus directly to Tokyo station in about 70 minutes, and not have to worry about your luggage after it’s stored in the bus cargo hold. Kick back and relax in your seat as you cruise the highways into Tokyo.

We hope this gives you some insight on how you want to kick off your trip in Japan. There’s more info here if you need it!