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Resort style camping in Chiba, Japan: “Glamping”

Things to Do | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2023/03/17

While you have everything you need for an urban vacation in Tokyo, you’d do well to step out of the city and take in the natural beauty of Japan. Just across Tokyo Bay on the Aqua-Line Expressway, or east around the bay on the train, Chiba’s great outdoors awaits, inviting you to spend a night under the stars. Here we have four unique “glamping” areas that offer a hassle-free, serviced camping experience if you’re interested in getting closer to nature.


Take the Aqua-Line Expressway, the underwater highway across Tokyo Bay, and you’ll find yourself in Kisarazu City, famous for its outlet shopping center that draws weekend shoppers from all over. Another popular getaway nearby is the beach-themed glamping ground “WILD BEACH”.

Many come here to just have a barbecue or meal at the restaurant during the day, but the main draw is the accommodations. You can stay in a trailer, a tent, or even a lodge unit, all fully furnished with the necessary equipment you’ll need to have a genuine camping experience. Beside the camping zone is the restaurant area with a man-made white sand beach, perfect for relaxing with food and drinks while you enjoy the refreshing and sometimes “wild” outdoor atmosphere.


Located in Ichinomiya, the venue for the 2020 Olympic surfing events, you’ll find an immaculately maintained glamping ground. While the name here is “TENT,” you’ll be staying in tent-shaped cottages with a wooden deck out front.

It’s best to consider this place half camping, and half resort, giving the feeling of camping, but with all the luxuries you’d expect from a resort hotel. The interiors of the cottages are kept spotless, making the idea of lounging inside just as appealing as barbecuing and dining on the wooden deck out front.

There are plenty of options for food and drink, so you won’t need to worry about extra shopping. Lastly, being close to the beach, you can take a quick walk for some fun in the sun with either your own gear, or things available for rent from reception.


ISUMI Glamping Resort &Spa SOLAS

The most diverse glamping resort on our list, SOLAS has something for everyone to enjoy. The dome tents and “villa” style cottages give off a northern European aura, and are tastefully arranged among the stunning greenery.

Also, for those who prefer to bring their own camping gear, there is also a traditional camping area away from the furnished rooms. In keeping with the European theme here, there are Finnish style, wood burning saunas near the bathing area, letting you clean up and relax either before or after enjoying a gorgeous dinner spread made using locally sourced foods. After your camping festivities and meals, SOLAS’s beautifully secluded location makes it the perfect spot to treat you to one of nature’s best shows: the night sky filled with stars! For the ardent stargazers, one of the sites has a “glass dome”, a custom space to fully enjoy the night sky above.

Mother Farm Glamping THE FARM

Mother Farm Glamping THE FARM is actually found within an amusement park based on “ranch life” where you can get up close and personal with sheep, cows, horses, and more. They make use of the expansive nature here and have a full-fledged glamping area with many activities as well.

The larger size tents, fully equipped with beds and air conditioning, make for a near-hotel experience in nature, and some have small playgrounds that are ideal for families. The forest tents are more secluded, and oriented for couples or groups of friends. There are many outdoor activities to pass the time, as well as the chance to participate in a butter making workshop. You’ll top off your night here with a fresh Chiba produce and meat barbecue. A breakfast of sandwiches is included, so night and morning, you’ll be completely fed, and won’t have to bring anything extra, unless you want to.

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"Glamping" at WILD BEACH is an alternative way to stay the night in Chiba. Outdoors with fully furnished tents, trailers, and even lodges with balconies, enjoy camping without having to set up and break down your shelter. A fully loaded barbecue and drink menu too will keep you satisfied, not to mention the shopping outlet, ocean, and amusement park all nearby.

2-10-1 Kanedahigashi, Kisarazu City

(From Sodegaura Station on the JR Uchibo Line, take the local bus for about 10 minutes. Alternatively, from Kisarazu Station on the JR Uchibo Line, take the local bus for about 20 minutes. Get off at the Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu bus stop, and walk for 5 minutes.)



  • Written communication for the hearing impaired

TENT Ichinomiya Glamping Resort

Want to try staying outdoors, but camping requires too much preparation? Let's try "glamping" in Ichinomiya! Situated right by the beach is a small oasis of nature, with fully furnished "tent" cabins to give you the comforts of staying in a hotel, but the feeling of sleeping in the great outdoors.

10217 Ichinomiya, Ichinomiya

(6 minutes by car from JR Kazusa-Ichinomiya Station)


ISUMI Glamping Resort & Spa SOLAS

If you want the hassle-free, outdoor fun of glamping, but also want to be deeply in touch with nature, Solas is the ideal place to spend a night. The spas, Finnish-style saunas, and the fully furnished dome tents and cottages have an overall Northern European vibe, and are all kept to a comfortable and stylish standard. Guests can also dine on locally sourced food, and the secluded coastal location here makes Solas the perfect place to enjoy the starry skies at night.

1610-1 Shakayatsu, Isumi City

(From Tokyo Station: Take the JR Wakashio Limited Express bound for Awa-Kamogawa, and get off at Ohara Station. SOLAS is a 13-minute taxi ride from the station. Free shuttle service from the station is also available.)



  • Handicap parking
  • Handicap toilet
  • Ostomate restroom
  • Written communication for the hearing impaired
  • Breast-feeding room
  • Service dogs permitted

*We also rent small baths for infants.

Mother Farm Glamping THE FARM

Part of Chiba's most famous ranch-themed amusement park, Mother Farm, "THE FARM" is a glamping getaway in the deep hills of Chiba, and a very popular place to stay the night. The large dome-style tents set up on wooden decks are immaculately furnished to make your night on the range as comfortable and glamorous as can be, complete with the equipment and food you'll need for a barbecue dinner (breakfast is included in glamping plans).

940-3, Tagura, Futtsu City (Mother Farm)

(Get off at JR Kimitsu Station for a direct bus to Mother Farm (35 minute ride) )



  • Written communication for the hearing impaired

*Some barrier-free facilities, such as handicap toilets, are available at Mother Farm.