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2023 Chiba Summer Beach Guide: Katsuura and Onjuku

Things to Do | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2023/06/29

The neighboring beach towns of Katsuura and Onjuku on Chiba’s Pacific coast can be reached from Tokyo Station in about 90 minutes by limited-express train, making them great destinations for cooling off on those sweltering summer days! Below are our top recommended beach spots here along the Pacific coast and the dates they’ll be open in 2023:

Please note that beaches may close in the case of dangerous conditions or lack of lifeguards.

Katsuura Chuo (Central) Beach

This is the main beach here in Katsuura, and it’s conveniently located just a short walk from JR Katsuura Station. The designated swimming area is found in front of the Mikazuki Hotel, and the sandy beach extends west from there toward a surf spot known as “Malibu.” Beside the beach you’ll find changing rooms, lockers, and vendors selling food and drinks.

2023: Open for swimming from July 15 – August 20
Train Access: 6-minute walk from JR Katsuura Station

“Katsuura Water Island” obstacle course (pictured below): Open from July 13 – August 31 2023
Please note that a reservation is required for the “On the Sea” course, but is not required for the “On the Beach” course. Reservations can be made on the following website (Japanese):

Moriya Beach - Katsuura

This is perhaps Katsuura’s–if not all of Chiba’s–most picturesque beach, known for its clear-blue water and a red torii gate that’s found on an island just off shore. The area surrounding Moriya Beach is mostly residential, but temporary public facilities will be set up during the beach season such as showers, changing rooms and food stalls.

2023: Open for swimming from July 15 – August 20
Train Access: 15-minute walk from JR Kazusa-Okitsu Station

Okitsu Beach - Katsuura

This is a popular beach for locals to gather, and many families come here to play in the shallow and usually calm waters. When the tide is low, the exposed reefs are a popular spot for kids to check out different sea creatures. There is one permanent bathroom facility here, and during the peak season local vendors will set up shop, but if you have trouble finding a place to buy beach supplies, food or drinks, there is a Daily Yamazaki convenience store between the train station and the beach. Be warned that seaweed tends to collect in the water here, so if you aren’t a fan of swimming in the slimy stuff, you may want to try another beach.

2023: Open for swimming from July 15 – August 20
Train Access: 5-minute walk from JR Kazusa-Okitsu Station

Onjuku Chuo (Central) Beach

This seaside town is home to a 2-km stretch of sandy beach, drawing visitors every summer to its high-rise resorts and local inns. You’ll find numerous restaurants and shops in the town, plus a small water park that operates in the summer. It’s also a thriving fishing area and year-round surfing destination, and home to a popular photo spot: the Desert Moon, or Tsuki-no-Sabaku, statue.

2023: Open for swimming July 15 – August 27
Train Access: 10-minute walk from JR Onjuku Station

Surf & Ocean Tours

You’ll find Splash Guest House located right along Katsuura’s Hebara Beach. The owner of Splash, Dane Gillett, also runs Splash Surf School, making this guest house a great place to stay if you’re looking to get out on the waves during your time in Katsuura. He also owns and operates SeafariJapan RIB boat tours, giving you another option for experiencing the stunning Katsuura coast. Customizable snorkeling, fishing, and tow tours are also available.

Learn more here:
A Pacific Getaway at Splash Guest House | Visit Chiba

Sightseeing Spots

Katsuura Chuo Beach

Katsuura Chuo Beach is the main beach in the city of Katsuura, one of the Tokyo area's top seaside destinations.

Kushihama, Katsuura City

(A five-minute walk from Katsuura Station on the JR Sotobo Line. JR Katsuura Station can be reached from Tokyo Station in about 90 minutes via the Wakashio limited-express train.)

Onjuku Chuo Beach

The town of Onjuku is of Chiba's most popular summer beach destinations. The town's main beach, Onjuku Chuo Beach, covers a wide area of sandy coastline. The beach is a popular surf spot, and numerous lodging options are found nearby. It's also known for its "Tsuki no sabaku" statue, and the annual spiny lobster (ise ebi) festival in September and October.

31 Suka, Onjuku, Isumi District

(A ten-minute walk from Onjuku Station on the JR Sotobo Line. JR Onjuku Station can be reached from Tokyo Station in about 80 minutes via the Wakashio limited-express train.)

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