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Chiba’s Inage Seaside Park | A day on the coast, and much more than a beach

Things to Do | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2023/06/09

Japan has a skillful way of reserving large spaces of their limited land for parks and recreation. Sometimes you might find it hard to believe you’re only minutes away from a major urban center. Along the coastlines in large residential areas, you’ll find “seaside parks,” which allow access to the ocean for fun in the sun, and offer so much more in terms of leisure and activities.

SUNSET BEACH PARK INAGE in the Inage Seaside Park is perhaps one of the most popular beach destinations on the western Chiba coast, first of all for the wide sandy beaches and calm swimming zones, but also for dining, “glamping” (which we’ll explain soon), and the massive community water park. The beach here gives the impression of a tropical paradise, as they’ve actually brought in white sand imported from Australia. The white wooden pier leading out into the water has a bar to order drinks at, again giving the feeling that you’re at a beach resort.

Just on the edge of the sand are many umi no ie, beach restaurants, serving all sorts of easy and delicious meals for your beach day. Take your food back to the beach or relax on one of the cozy chairs under the shade of pine trees. Toast with your friends or family to a fantastic day on the beach with the Tokyo skyline across the bay. It’s a rare view, different from Rio de Janeiro or Honolulu, for example, which has a dense city center right behind you. Here, rather, you’ll sit among the peaceful green of Chiba, looking out over the industrial prowess of Tokyo far across the bay. If you’re lucky, and visiting in the slightly cooler seasons, Mt. Fuji is also visible here, towering over the picturesque outlines of buildings and bridges.

While you can of course swim in the ocean in the warmer, summer months, many prefer to be in a pool. The “pool” area here is closer to a water park actually, complete with wave pools, slides, and of course pools for doing some laps for exercise. Perfect for kids to adults, you can go as hard or as easy in your swimming as you want. The locker rooms and table areas have recently been remodeled, and non-slip surfaces are installed around the perimeter of the pools. This is your safest and most fun option for a family or group swim day.

You may want to stay overnight in this seaside oasis, and the park has a special section reserved for “glamping”. This is serviced camping not in a typical tent, but a custom canvas room, complete with beds and air conditioning. It’s “glamorous camping,” shortened to “glamping,” and an increasingly popular activity for people who want to enjoy the outdoors, but don’t have the gear or inclination to set up camp completely on their own. Here at the glamping ground, they try to leave the surroundings as natural as possible, making it feel as though you’ve teleported into a dense wilderness, yet the beach is still only a short walk away! Also, in the evening, visitors can enjoy a BBQ using fresh ingredients from Chiba.

The facilities introduced are current as of September 2022. Please check the website for the latest operating information.

Sightseeing Spots

Inage Seaside Park

Inage Seaside Park is a large recreational park stretching 3km along Tokyo Bay. Enjoy attractions, recreational activities, and the views of Tokyo Bay from the first man-made beach in Japan.

7-2-1 Takahama, Mihama Ward, Chiba City

(10 minutes by car from JR Inage Kaigan Station)


  • Handicap toilet available
  • Handicap parking
  • Wheelchair accessible
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