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Tomita Ramen

Sightseeing Spots | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2023/05/16

Matsudo City is known as a hub of delicious ramen restaurants, and is the home base for the famous Tomita Ramen restaurant chain. Tomita has two shops in Matsudo, the main shop Chuka Soba Tomita and a satellite shop Tomita Shokudo--plus other locations around Chiba. Due to its popularity, diners need a special numbered ticket to reserve a seat at Chuka Soba Tomita. For more casual ramen fans, we recommend visiting Tomita Shokudo.

Chuka Soba Tomita: Takahashi Building, 1339 Matsudo City
Tomita Shokudo: Sekine Building, 1239-1 Matsudo City

(Chuka Soba Tomita: About a 5-minute walk from Matsudo Station /// Tomita Shokudo: About a 2-minute walk from Matsudo Station)

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