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Shirahama Marine Art Museum

Sightseeing Spots | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2023/06/30

At the very tip of southern Chiba, in Minamiboso City, you'll find a quaint museum dedicated to the area’s long-standing maritime culture. Seafaring and fishing have long been key components of the economy, and here you can see the quintessential Japanese way of doing things, from traditional ‘maiwai’ clothing to tools and boat design. This area also offers beautiful nature, shrines, and a good insight into the still-active ocean culture keeping Minamiboso true to its roots. Come stroll through the forested coastline to this secluded museum and see mementos of Japan's maritime culture.

628-1 Shirahama, Shirahama Town, Minamiboso City - about 75 meters from Nojimasaki Lighthouse

(From JR Tateyama Station, take the bus bound for "Awa Shirahama" to the Nojimasaki Todai Guchi bus stop, then walk for about 8 minutes.)


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