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Sakakibara Tofu Shop

Sightseeing Spots | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2023/06/06

Just down the coast from Choshi Station on the Choshi Railway, there's a quiet fishing village called Tokawa. It’s a comforting pocket of old Japan. In contrast to chain stores and fast food that dominate city life, Sakakibara Tofu Shop still sells small-batch tofu. Adding a little twist never hurts, though, and Sakakibara Tofu has adapted its product to the modern day by selling unique "tofu sweets", sparking a small social media boom right in the village of Tokawa. The "soy milk pudding" has helped introduce younger people to the joys of this healthy, low-cost food, and many make the trip to sample it, but also find themselves captivated with the neighborhood as well.

2-10927 Tokawa Town, Choshi City

(About 5 minutes on foot from Tokawa Station on the Choshi Electric Railway)


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