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Choshi Marina Beach

Sightseeing Spots | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2023/12/05

Choshi Marina Beach is located at the eastern end of the Byobugaura cliffs, a coastline often referred to as “The Dover of the East.” Enjoy a close-up view of the cliffs from the beachside walking path. Contact the Choshi Geopark Promotion Council Office for information about English-speaking tour guides:

Shiomicho, Choshi City

(By train: About a 30-minute walk from Tokawa Station on the Choshi Electric Railway.
By train and bus: From JR Choshi Station, take the bus bound for “Chiba Kagaku Daigaku” to the “Chiba Kagaku Daigaku・Marina Mae” bus stop, and walk for three minutes. The bus ride is about 11 minutes long.)

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