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Uomizuka Lookout Point: Kamogawa’s not-so-hidden gem

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Andy Kaesermann


Traveling up to the Uomizuka Lookout Point is one of the most scenic pilgrimages anyone visiting Kamogawa can take. It is a bit out of the way for those without a car, but well worth the trip for anyone able to make the trek. The forests that hug the roads and paths leading to the lookout are otherworldly in their density at times. Lucky travelers will come across all sorts of animals along the trek, butterflies, lizards, and even kyon–small deer-like animals, to name a few. At cirtain times of the year the teeming forest feels like a Ghibli film, something quite magical. Eventually reaching the top, you find that the hilly path has snaked its way up to the base of the lookout point. Where, forever standing tall atop the mountain, the Gyofu statue casts her bronze gaze over the expansive and everblue ocean before her.

This sculpture was designed by local artist Hasegawa Ko and is said to protect travelers, fisherman, and those ‘at sea’. Her symbolic protection mirrors the true to life history of this particular spot in Kamogawa. Historically, fishermen would scale this seaside mountain in hopes to get a better vantage on the surf and school of fish. It is said that families of fishermen and those at sea would also find their way up the mountain to lookout for their loved ones at sea. The statue with her arms outstretched, soaking up the sun and sea air is a not-so-hidden landmark of Kamogawa that really captures what I have come to love about this oceanside city.

Today, Uomizuka is the perfect place to soak up the most breathtaking view this area has to offer. The power of this spot is not lost on its visitors; as couples, and romantic hopefuls often make their way up to the goddess statue to “lock in” their future happiness with lockets and padlocks. Rows and rows of locks, promises, and other trinkets, imbue the entire area with an alluring, and mystical energy. This spot is supernatural in its appeal and anyone visiting, whether it’s your first or tenth time, will agree.

I find that no matter the time of year, I am drawn to scale the mountain paths to bask in one of the best views in Southern Chiba. It is hard to give an idea of the sheer scale you feel looking out over the Kamogawa coastline as it melts into the horizon. I have tried to show the wonder and striking grandeur of this Kamogawan gem with pictures but I hope you can experience it for yourself someday. No matter if you plan to visit with your friends, family, a partner, or even by yourself, you don’t want to miss the view from atop Uomizuka lookout point.

Sightseeing Spots

Uomizuka Lookout Point

3277 Kaisuka, Kamogawa City

(Located within Uomizuka Issenba Park (about 3.5km from JR Awa-Kamogawa Station))

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