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Sunshine Stables

Locals’ Recommendations | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2022/05/09

Corrine Yamamoto

Oregon, USA

I’ve always wanted to check out one of Sunshine Stables’ trail rides along the Kujukuri coastline. Being from the area, I’ve passed by the place many times. The other day I was finally able to go and I’m mad at myself for not going sooner. It really is worth the price. In my opinion you get more than your money’s worth. It was not like a trail rides I experienced back home in the States where you just sit on a horse and let it take you for a ride. At Sunshine Stables you get to take a more active role in the whole experience.

The 30-minute lesson started with me leading my horse, Shiny (a brown and white paint horse), to the corral letting her get to know me. After a few attempts to get onto her back I was instructed on how to hold the reins properly and how to control her. My instructor for the hour then led me and Shiny though a few different exercises of walking, stopping, turning and even trotting.

After that, it was decided we were ready. Shiny and I were led out onto the beach for a short trip down the shore. It was amazing. Although a bit windy and cold, the sky and ocean were blue, a beautiful winter’s day on the beach. My kind guide even stopped so she could take a few photos of me atop Shiny, with my phone of course.

If you are like me and it’s been a while since you’ve ridden a horse, or are a true beginner, I suggest you do the beginner’s lesson with the mini trail ride. Don’t feel left out if you have more experience with horses because Sunshine Stables offers 60, 90 and 120-minute trail rides as well. Or if you are looking for more than a trail ride there are package deals with lessons and trail rides giving you 3-6 months to use them depending on what you choose.

Whether you are a Chiba local just like me who has been wanting to give Sunshine Stables a try, a Tokyo-area local looking for a seaside adventure, or just passing through and looking for that perfect experience, do it. I promise you won’t regret it.

Sightseeing Spots

Sunshine Stables

5610 Sakuda, Kujukuri Town

(6 minutes by car from the Kujukuri Exit on the Kujukuri Toll Road or 15 minutes by car from Naruto Station on the JR Togane Line)

+81-475-76-1671 (Restaurant: +81-475-76-9377)

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