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Komeya Shingura Baumkuchen

Locals’ Recommendations | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2021/12/22

Cara Erodias


Introduced to Japan in 1919, the Baumkuchen quickly became a sensation, evolving into many sweet recipes. The one thing that doesn’t change though, is its ring shape. Komeya Shingura continues the tradition of making the best Baumkuchen with different recipes for unique flavors.

Komeya Shingura ’s Baumkuchen pastries are made from locally produced rice and eggs. They’re a delight you can’t miss, whether it’s early in the morning or during night, time doesn’t matter to enjoy the best Baumkuchen of Kamogawa!

The Karitsu-to-Kukki Shitate features a cookie-like, crunchy exterior. Excellent for an early morning treat or breakfast and a perfect gift for friends and family alike!

The Shittori Miruku Shitate is a Baumkuchen with a soft, sweet flavor, quickly melting as you taste it. This is the most popular pastry Komeya Shingura has to offer. Once you taste it, you never forget it!

Some of the sweetest sweet potatoes you can find in Japan are added to make the Shittori Satsumaimo. It has a unique blend of soft texture and lasting sweetness. The perfect treat for your loved one!

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