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Futomi Surf Catch and Release Fishing

Locals’ Recommendations | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2021/12/22

Cara Erodias


Kamogawa truly has the bounty of the sea at our fingertips. At the Futomi Flower Center just down the coast from central Kamogawa, you can try your hand at oceanside fishing. The catch and release experience at the Futomi Flower Center is a great way to experience surf fishing and rock fishing in a more controlled environment. Learn about different seasonal types of fish while casting out in the glimmering oceanside pools. Get an exciting fishing experience amidst one of Kamogawa’s lovely ocean views.

To ensure the fish remain as healthy as possible, they are handled in the follow way:

  1. The staff uses wet hands or rubber gloves when handling fish. This helps to keep them from losing their body slime, which helps in swimming and keeping their health.
  2. They avoid dropping the fish on hard surfaces!
  3. By gently holding the fish horizontally, the staff helps them maintain their natural swimming position.
  4. They also avoid touching the gills and eyes of the fish to reduce risk of causing infection.
  5. They also do not keep the fish out of the water more than necessary. By releasing the fish head-first into the water, they help water get to their gills through the mouth.

Please note that while the Fishing Center has a catch and release system, you cannot take home or purchase the fish you caught.

For safety, visitors are required to wear a mask and the Fishing Center may be closed during stormy weather.

Surf Catch and Release Fishing Fee

Individual (1-9 people): 1000 yen per person with fishing rod and bait (another 100 yen for bait refilling)
Groups (10 or more people): 900 yen per person with fishing rod and bait (another 100 yen for bait refilling)
*Advanced reservations are required and discounts may be available for groups over 50 people.

Sightseeing Spots

Futomi Flower Surf Fishing Center

67 Futomihama, Kamogawa

(A 7-minute walk from JR Futomi Station)

+81-4-7093-2461 (holydays and weekends: +81-90-2677-1653)

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