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Farmer’s Café &TREE: Not just healthy, its satisfying!

Locals’ Recommendations | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2022/04/15

Gina Rivera


Enjoy local hospitality through farm-to-table fresh ingredients. The Restaurant and Café &TREE in Kisarazu City serves variety of original dishes from both land and sea, such as assorted platter meal, noodles, pizza, and sweets, and is being visited by people from the area and the neighboring towns. The open architectural design of this ‘farm café’ helps create the relaxing environment for a delicious and refreshing time.

Assorted veggies and beef stew pie platter

This mouth-watering vegetable-concentrated platter is made from freshly picked ingredients, pickles, mousse, homemade bagels, and thick and hearty stew. A perfect meal for all season.

Toasted bread with cream sauce seafood filling and vegetable platter

Soup or bread? Why not soup in bread! Enjoy this delicious and healthy meal perfect for brunch time. The rich and creamy seafood in a crusty hot bread combined with warm vegetable soup and salad is without doubt a complete meal to start an amazing day.

Udon noodles in shrimp and cod roe cream sauce

If you are a fan of both Japanese udon noodles and cream sauce pasta, this dish is divine! It’s a perfect combination of taste, aroma, and texture, and a perfect meal for winter time.

Mix and make juices

In addition to mouth-watering dishes, you can also make your own drink mixture. Create your own ingredients from the lineup of syrup selections available at the bar.

Sightseeing Spots

Farmer's Café &TREE

Michino-eki Kisarazu Umakutanosato, 1369-1 Shimogori, Kisarazu City

(Located right outside of the Kisarazu-Higasi IC on the Ken-O Expressway)

+81 438-53-7879

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