Meet the Locals

Even if you have studied all the tourist information available, language and cultural barriers can get in the way of planning a truly deep international travel experience. Enrich your Japan trip itinerary with the local knowledge provided by these foreign residents of Chiba.

Cara Erodias


Hi I’m Cara from the Philippines! I’ve been living in Japan for almost 8 years. I studied Japanese for 1 year and 6 months in Tokyo City. Now I’m residing in Kamogawa, in the Chiba Prefecture.

I left my career in Tokyo 3 years ago to live a slow life in the countryside, and then I found out the beauty of these places and its people.

There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience, especially Japanese culture! Thanks to my former job in the City Hall as part of the Community reactivating cooperator squad 地域おこし協力隊 they give me plenty of opportunities to see the beauty of the region!

Christopher Soto


Born in California, USA, in 1992. As of July 2021, he is a resident of Ichinomiya-machi and employed at Ichinomiya-machi’s Town Hall since August, 2017.

Nancy Rose


Nancy was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her fascination for Japanese language and culture motivated her to study abroad at ICU and Osaka University for almost two years. This experience deepened her love for Japan even further, leading her back in 2019 to work as a Coordinator for International Relations at Katori City Hall. She is passionate about traditional Asian performing arts and has practiced Chinese violin, Vietnamese lion, dragon, and hat dancing, and Japanese archery and koto, among other things. She also loves animals, music, and urban dancing.