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The status of COVID-19 infections in Chiba

Travel Information | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2022/10/07

When You get Sick in Japan

The JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) operates a website where foreigners traveling in Japan can access medical information. It provides guides on how to find medical institutions in Japan, how to receive treatment at Japanese medical institutions, and which department of each institution to visit for your symptom(s). The website also provides information about travel insurance.

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COVID-19 continues to spread all over the world, and Chiba Prefecture is no exception. We are regularly updating the status of COVID-19 infections here in Chiba. Please click the following link for the latest information.

More information is available on these websites : (Japanese only)

COVID-19 Information and Resouces (

The Japanese government has established a four-stage classification system for measuring the spread of COVID-19 infections: Stage 1: sporadic infection; Stage 2: a gradual increase in the spread of infection; Stage 3: a rapid increase in the spread of infection; and Stage 4: an explosion of new infections. In Stage 4, the implementation of compulsory measures is considered, including the declaration of a state of emergency.

COVID-19 has greatly restricted people’s daily lives. The Japanese government has asked its citizens to only leave home when necessary. People are also asked to wear masks, and to maintain a social distance when on necessary outings. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Japanese government has also promoted the practice of avoiding the “Three C’s”: closed spaces, crowded spaces, and close proximity to others. These practices are also being implemented in workplaces, schools, and various facilities.

The Japanese government has imposed restrictions on the entry of international travelers into Japan. If you are planning to visit Chiba Prefecture from abroad, please refer to the following link to check if the travel restrictions apply to you.

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