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Things to Do | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2023/03/17

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Discovering the Delicious Foods of Chiba, Japan

Japanese School in Real Life - Just like an ANIME?!

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The Colors of Autumn at Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple

Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple, conveniently located near Narita Airport, offers spectacular autumn colors from mid to late November every year. But there’s more here than just fall leaves, as the historic temple offers postcard-worthy Japanese scenes all year round!

Learn more about Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple here:

Try Local Food Along Narita's Historic Omotesando Street

Visit the historic Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple, easily accessible from Narita Airport! The 800-meter-long street connecting Narita Station to the temple is lined with numerous shops offering traditional dishes and sweets found only in Chiba! Feast on local treats here as you make your way to or from the temple!

Learn more about Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple here:

Making Boshu Uchiwa: A Traditional Craft from Chiba

Boshu Uchiwa is a traditional craft that dates back over 100 years, hailing from the Minamiboso region of Chiba Prefecture. You can use these handheld fans to cool yourself the eco-friendly way during summer or enjoy them year-round as home decorations. In Chiba you can also learn to make one of your very own Boshu Uchiwa at studios like Uchiwa-no-Otaya!

Tokyo German Village Illuminations | Brightening Chiba's Winter Nights

Throughout winter, Country Farm Tokyo German Village is decorated with brilliant “illumination” light displays, making it one of Chiba Prefecture’s most popular seasonal destinations. The festive lights span huge areas of the park, creating a sparkling sensation that can be seen from afar.

Learn more about Country Farm Tokyo German Village here:

Shin-Matsudo Lemons

Udono Citrus Farm grows its organic Meyer lemons in the middle of a residential area, right in Chiba’s Matsudo City! The lemons are loved by locals and sought-after by high-end Tokyo restaurants and bakeries for their surprising sweetness. You can buy fresh lemons at the farm’s outlet — just a 15-minute walk from Shin-Matsudo Station — and also try refreshing citrus drinks at the onsite cafe. Visitors to Matsudo can also find several shops and restaurants around the city that use Shin-Matsudo lemons in their drinks and desserts.

Choshi Kayaks

Choshi Kayaks offers kayaking tours on the beautiful Byobugaura coast, starting from Choshi Marina Beach in Chiba’s Choshi City. Suitable for beginners and experienced riders, their tours get you out and paddling on the open Pacific Ocean in just a short time! The Visit Chiba staff participated in the Choshi Kayaks “Byobugaura Sea Kayak Ocean Stroll” in August 2022 and filmed the experience for this video.

Learn more here:

Mt. Iyogatake - Minamiboso City, Chiba

If you’re looking to spend some time in nature during your next trip to Tokyo, look no further than across the border in Chiba Prefecture, an accessible destination for visitors who want to immerse themselves in the Japanese countryside. Down on the Boso Peninsula in southern Chiba you’ll find Mt. Iyogatake. For this video we filmed the 90-minute round-trip hike up this mountain known as the ‘Boso Matterhorn.’ The entrance to the hiking trail is located just behind the Heguri Hub, an outdoor activity complex which serves as a gateway to the southern Chiba area.

To learn more about the Heguri Hub and the outdoor experiences on offer here in the Chiba countryside, please click here:

Sunshine Stables - Kujukuri, Chiba

Chiba Prefecture Locals’ Recommendations: Sunshine Stables at Kujukuri Beach

Our local contributor Corrine Yamamoto visited Kujukuri Beach to share her recommended spot in Chiba, Sunshine Stables. On her visit to Sunshine Stables, she took part in a 30-minute horse riding lesson followed by a 30-minute trail ride along the shore.

Learn more at:

Boso Adventure Tours, E-Bike Tour

Boso Adventure Tours offers a wide range of experiences―from history and culture tours to cycling and hiking―in the beautiful countryside of southern Boso, located just 90 minutes from Tokyo.

Learn more at:

Ubara Utopia Hiking Trail

There is a spot in the Ubara District of Chiba’s Katsuura City literally named utopia, or ‘risokyo’ in Japanese. This coastal area earns such high praise thanks to the natural beauty of its dramatic sea cliffs and cavernous coves. The Ubara Utopia Hiking Trail follows a 2.3-kilometer loop out to the tip of Cape Myojin, offering views of these stunning shores and the Pacific Ocean beyond. The trail is just a short walk from JR Ubara Station, making this a convenient day trip destination for even those coming by train from Tokyo.

Learn more about Ubara Utopia and other recommended hiking trails here:

Splash Surf School SUP Tour in Katsuura, Chiba, Japan

We visited Splash Surf School in Chiba’s Katsuura City for a standup paddle boarding (SUP) lesson. The surf instructor, Dane Gillett, is also the owner of Splash Guest House. Located right along Hebara Beach, Splash Guest House welcomes you to come and enjoy everything Chiba’s Pacific Coast has to offer.

Splash Guest House:

Splash Surf School:

View Minamiboso’s Pacific Coast by Drone

Minamiboso City is located on Chiba Prefecture’s southern coast and was the site for this video shoot. The Nojimasaki Lighthouse stands on Cape Nojima, the southernmost point in Chiba, and is the first location we visited for this video. All along the Minamiboso coast you’ll find rows of rock that have long weathered wave erosion, creating formations that resemble Japanese “byobu” folding screens. For this filming, we checked out the view at the Byobuiwa at Shirahama.

Hiking Chiba's Mt. Nokogiri

Mt. Nokogiri is one of Chiba’s most popular tourist destinations, well-known for its exposed cliff faces which are the remnants of a rock quarry that dates back to Japan’s Edo Period. From atop the cliffs, visitors can enjoy beautiful vistas of Tokyo Bay and the Pacific Ocean, including a view from the “Glimpse into Hell” lookout spot. The mountain is also home to the 1300-year-old Nihon-ji Temple and its Buddhist cultural sites. Although there is a ropeway cable car to take you up the mountain, some visitors prefer reaching the summit via the network of hiking trails.

For more information about the trails, please read:

Chiba's Northeast Pacific Coast

The Byobugaura sea cliffs stretch for over ten kilometers of Pacific coastline in the northeast corner of Chiba Prefecture; starting from Marina Beach in Choshi City and ending at Cape Gyobu in Asahi City. This coastline gets its namesake from traditional folding screens known as ‘byobu’, which the cliff faces—some over 50-meters in height—are said to resemble.

This tour starts at Iioka Lighthouse in Asahi City, follows the coast heading toward Choshi City, then ends at Iinuma Kannon in central Choshi.

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