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Absorb the Autumn Colors of Rural Chiba

Things to Do | Visit Chiba | Latest update:2023/03/30

Chiba Prefecture is found next to Tokyo, and from north to south it’s filled with brilliant nature that really lets its colors shine when the weather turns chilly in late-November to early-December. The autumn colors here are deep reds, yellows, and greens, and while amazing from any angle, there are some unique and adventurous ways to absorb the sights around you when you visit.

Kominato Railway to the Yoro Valley

The Kominato Railway is a quaint, classic line bisecting Chiba Prefecture. The trains are powered by diesel rather than electricity – a rare sight now – allowing you to deeply experience the Japanese countryside and the history of passenger railroad. While the winding road alone is a wonderful sight, you can also get off at Yoro Keikoku Station and enjoy river trekking. This intricate valley is colored during the autumn foliage season, and the secluded terrain keeps you entertained until late in the foliage season.

The sound of water in the valley compliments one of the most vibrant leafy valleys in Chiba Prefecture.

Boating, Cruising, or Strolling Lake Kameyama

Almost in the middle of Chiba Prefecture is the large Lake Kameyama. It has a complex and winding shape, and is a popular place for both fun and exploration. While you can walk around the perimeter of the lake and be treated to its dazzling fall colors, we recommend either renting a boat, or taking a guided boat tour (boat tours are available only during the fall foliage season) to experience the autumn trees from out on the water. The way the trees hang down nearly to the water’s surface makes for many picturesque photo opportunities, and there are many dense areas of foliage accessible only from the water. If you’re sticking to walking though, there’s a popular torii red shrine gate at the far end of the lake that is a popular spot to relax and take pictures.

Hondo-ji Temple

The spacious grounds of this temple make for a thrilling escape into storybook Japan, especially during the season of vivid fall colors. Located in Matsudo City, access is easy at just about an hour from Tokyo. One of the most marvelous sights is the Gojū no tou, a five-story pagoda, as its colors and craftsmanship are accentuated by the bright reds and yellows of the surrounding trees.

Aside from this pagoda and the main temple, you can spend an afternoon exploring the spacious grounds, seeking out mystical photo spots among the smaller Buddhist monuments and structures. While beautiful in spring and summer as well, autumn here at Hondo-ji Temple gives you that perfectly serene sense of wonder you get when stepping into living Japanese history.

Myo-on-in Temple

Located near the foot of Tateyama Castle, you’ll feel a nice escape into a small pocket of nature at Myo-on-in Temple. Here, there is a small hiking course in the hills, meant to simulate a journey through life wrought with hardships up, and a slow descent back toward the beginning, simulating rebirth. This humble temple however, has much to offer beyond its lush nature, and many visitors come here seeking a true Buddhist temple experience.

Zazen meditation and incense making are peaceful ways to pass the time as you enjoy your day enveloped by the soothing fall colors of the temple grounds.

Sightseeing Spots

Kominato Railway

The ride is the journey on this classic train line, putting you in some of the most beautiful countryside landscapes in Chiba. The diesel-powered train bounds along the tracks giving a different and exciting feel from an electric train. Pass by wooden, unmanned stations as you appreciate a slice of Japan's train history still running strong.

1-1-2 Goichūōhigashi, Ichihara City (Goi Station)

(Transfer to the Kominato Line from the JR Uchibo Line at Goi Station)



  • Handicap toilet
  • Written communication for the hearing impaired
  • Service dogs permitted

Yoro Valley

A beautifully complex valley running through the center of Chiba, 'Yorokeikoku', or Yoro Valley is famous for its nature, waterfalls, hiking courses, and also the natural hot springs flowing to both the inns and bath houses in the area.

157 Awamata, Otaki Town, Isumigun (Awamata Waterfall Parking Lot)

(Awamata Waterfall Parking Lot: 1-minute walk from the last stop on the bus bound for Awamata Waterfall from Kazusa Nakano Station on the Kominato and Isumi railways)


Lake Kameyama

This is a lake created by the Kameyama Dam, and has taken a complex and winding shape through a beautiful ravine. A popular fishing spot, many also come for the seasonal colors, abundant hot spring inns, and other lake activities like camping and enjoying a guided boat ride.

8 Kyu-Kawamata, Kawamata, Kimitsu City (Kameyama Tourist Information Center)

(A 7-minute walk from Kazusa-Kameyama Station on the JR Kururi Line - Kameyama Tourist Information Center)



  • Handicap parking
  • Handicap toilet
  • Written communication for the hearing impaired
  • Service dogs permitted

Handicap parking and toilets vary with each location/Inquire whether service dogs are permitted/Inquire about availability of written communication

Hondo-ji Temple

Hondo-ji Temple has over 740 years of history, having been founded as one of the major Buddhist temples of the Kamakura period. The temple also goes by the nickname “hydrangea temple” because of the estimated 50,000 hydrangeas that bloom there every June.

63 Hiraga, Matsudo City

(About a 10-minute walk from Kita-Kogane Station on the JR Joban Line)

Myo-on-in Temple

Myo-on-in Temple is tucked away in the hills below Tateyama Castle. Here, you can do the small hiking course of "88 Places Pilgrimage", as well as try a number of Buddhist practices including Ajikan meditation, 'shakyō' sutra tracing, and making your own incense from ground spices.

1689 Kamisanagura, Tateyama City

(From JR Tateyama Station, take the JR Bus Kanto for Awa-Shirahama, get off at Kamisanagura and walk for 3 minutes.)



  • Written communication for the hearing impaired
  • Service dogs permitted
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